-Breast Reconstruction

-Breast Reconstruction

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There are several choices for breast reconstruction. This surgery is performed following a mastectomy or lumpectomy for the treatment or prevention of breast cancer. 

During the consultation, Dr. Villalobos will consider the patient's physical health to determine which reconstruction method would be appropriate. The options available are: Skin expansion with a tissue expander: A tissue expander is surgically placed beneath the chest muscles, and over several weeks is gradually filled with a saline solution. Once the skin and muscles are stretched, the expander is removed and a softer, permanent implant is inserted. 

Flap Reconstruction: Tissue consisting of a portion of skin, fat and muscle, is taken from the back or abdomen and tunneled to the breast to form a mound. The flap is still attached to its original blood supply. During this procedure the breast is reconstructed with natural tissue. This method may require a longer recovery, increases time in the hospital, and can result in larger scars. Advantages are an immediately reconstructed breast mound using your own tissue and often times requires just one surgical procedure.